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We are only just beginning to understand the power of love

“Love is a joyful dance that cultivates intimacy with yourself and empathy with another. As you connect consciously with your Unconditioned Self, every persona, mask and self-concept falls away and you experience intimacy with your true nature. This intimacy in you extends itself and is translated into empathy with your family , your friends, your lover, your children, your colleagues and everyone else. Intimacy and empathy are non-ego states. They are expressions of oneness. They are the basis for real openness, honest communication and true friendship” Robert Holden

We do not have to ‘find’ love so much as to uncover it, know it and be it. Love is already present we can start here and now, from where we are by looking inwards at ourselves, without judgement so we can then look outwards, with love, towards others.

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