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My Random Thoughts and Scribbles


Whilst playing a game, someone once commented "I would like to know how you think!"  as I interpreted the possibilities differently every time to everyone else!


I often have random fleeting thoughts and have sometimes been forced to organise them when writing essays for various courses I have taken. This page gathers together my various musings and ramblings and offers up-to-date glimpses of my current train of random thoughts or interests.


Being in rural France, it is often difficult to find opportunities to bounce ideas, have meaningful conversations and have my thinking challenged to see other perspectives, so I wanted to do something positive to redress this intellectual vacuum (as well as to challenge myself to re-learn how to create a website etc)

For the academics among you, please note,  there is little attempt to quote/justify etc apart from putting further links at the bottom of the page as I am more interested in getting my ‘gut feeling’, ideas, initial thoughts etc down first rather than seeking to justify every word I write. In so doing I hope that this provides a launching point for conversation, comments and debate.

Please use this page to share your ideas, thoughts, questions, experiences, links etc on the various themes  by logging in and commenting below !

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