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I created this website to share interesting content and as a place for people to engage, interact and reflect as a community. I draw my inspiration from all sorts of sources and believe that everyone has a voice and a different perspective that we can learn from so look forward to your comments and contributions.  
The aim of the Reflective Resources is to be a useful resource bank, to serve as a 'working reminder/memory' and a stepping stone to help the development of a growth mindset with the hope that it will continue to challenge my thinking and encourage us all to reflect on the different things that we come across.

For daily posts, why not engage via the Facebook group page?

Your brain is constantly being shaped by the world around you. Everything you do, everyone you encounter, every experience changes your brain for the better or for worse.


Your brain has the capacity to learn something new every day. We should make it our mission to create the brain we want, which in turn has a direct affect on the lives we experience, by feeding it with positive and uplifting learning and reflective experiences.

As you explore this site, please comment and share your own ideas, thoughts, links etc on the various pages. Engage with others,  share your  passions, play your part in helping us all to gain different perspectives and to grow.


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