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We relate through stories Michael Meade Podcast

This week's podcast suggestion is an episode of Living Myth that focuses on the idea that sharing stories is at the heart of any relationship. The word relate comes from Latin roots meaning “to carry back, to report, to tell.” From ancient times humans have related by carrying stories back to each other. When we stop sharing the heartfelt tales of our life experiences, we can lose the essence of our relationships.

Through mythic stories we learn to relate to the deepest parts of ourselves, while also reconnecting to the realm of great imagination and universal truths. Mythic tales can release us from the prison of time and carry us all the way back, past invisible thresholds, to the creation of the world and the origins of human life.

Ancient peoples used creation tales to stay in relationship to the mysteries of nature and the hidden potentials of life. If we forget our connection to mythic stories, we can lose essential understandings of how the world renews itself and how we can be agents of creation ongoing.

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