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The Comfort Zone - Suggested talks

These two talks offer a different perspective to the idea of Stepping Oout of Your Comfort Zone

How to Challenge Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone

Even a micro challenge could have a macro impact in your life! The first talk by Tony Hsieh (known as Tony Shriller) focuses on the idea that we should challenge ourselves every day and get comfortable with discomfort, because life. This brilliant and sensitive talk is based on a simple Taiwanese proverb

The Comfort Zone myth | Caroline Sherrard | TEDxFrome

Can you point to your 'comfort zone' and see its boundary? The concept of a 'comfort zone' may be restrictive as we perceive what we can and can't do, or who we should and shouldn't be. When we stop battling, we feel good, and that's what we want. Caroline has lived in several towns and backpacked to interesting places. She spent years in the personal growth world searching, until she discovered she didn’t need to step out of her comfort zone and found that it was more important to build an inner foundation for the outer results you truly want.

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