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Judging others - a selection of suggested talks

A selection of talks on the subject of judgement from a variety of standpoints

Be Curious - Don't Be Judgemental | Wes Becton | TEDxElmhurstUniversity

Our world would be a better place if we strive to be more curious and less judgmental. This talk focuses on the advantages of creating awareness about how judgment may be getting in the way of us showing up as the best possible versions of ourselves and how being curious as leaders, we can help others show up as their best possible versions of themselves.

Why Do We Judge? | Adam Khamis | Encounters TEDEd Club

This talk will make you think critically about our natural proclivity to judge others and why we should do everything we can to suspend judgement. Its not about judging you or others, its about understanding why we do this and what we can do about it.

Judgment. Don't let it frighten you | Aimee Bateman | TEDxClapham

Often the biggest prison people live in, is the fear of what other people think. Breaking out of this prison can be tough, but once we are free, we become the person we truly want to be.

Focusing on effective communication, emotional intelligence, and the psychology of persuasion, Mathias Durand introduces his three-step methodology to help people apply empathy as a powerful communication tool for better relationships, leadership, and sales. His core values are generosity, humility, and tolerance.

Why people should stop judging others? | Maria Fernanda Paramo | TEDxColegioBilingüeSantaMarta

Maria Fernanda describes herself as a really creative person who is good at drawing, painting, and sketching. Art is one of her passions and the most important thing for her. It has helped her develop as a person of integrity and it has also made her flourish in values and respect for the culture and other cultures.

Judging People by their Covers | Ruben Daniels | TEDxWallerMiddleSchool

Ruben Daniels is a 7th grader at Waller Middle School who discusses how people are judged everyday by several aspects. This talk touches on racism and how to prevent judging others from happening, either by accident or on purpose

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