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Awareness, assumptions, and actions -- Why you do what you do? | Steve Piscitelli | TEDxFSCJ

It is often said what we think we become, but professor and author Steve Piscitelli proposes a formula (E + R = O) for becoming what we do.

In every situation we have the choice of how to act: We can ‘run and numb’, react or respond

E + R = O

Event + React = Outcome OR Event + Respond = Outcome

To respond instead of react we need time to reflect and observe

RIA = Reflect In Action – reacting ‘on the hoof’ versus

ROA = Reflect On Action – give yourself time to observe /watch your ‘game film’/get feedback from mentors etc

Each and every one of us can ask the question :

Is what I am doing validating me or betraying me ?


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