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White paper art

Ayumi Shibata is a Japan based artist who constructs intricate paper cities and natural landscapes on both a small scale that can fit in the palm of her hand to others that are expansive enough to walk through on foot. Shibata uses dozens of layers of paper for a single project. She carves miniature houses, clouds, and tree-filled forests etc which are illuminated within glass containers, stored safely in a book, or erected in large-scale installations

Kami is the Japanese word meaning ‘god’, ‘divinity’, or ‘spirit’; but it also means ‘paper’. Kami resides within nature. Kami moves freely beyond time, universe and places, appearing during events, as well as in our houses and our bodies. These spirits also dwell in paper. In the religion of Shinto, white paper is considered as a sacred material.

See her website for more stunning works: Ayumi Shibata

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Mar 08, 2021

Beautiful and so clever!

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