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The wire-mesh sculptures of Daniela Capaccioli

...try to catch the invisible and the impalpable....

give it form, colour, appearance

and see it transform, appear, disappear.

"Plasmare" the void that surrounds us.

Daniela Capaccioli spent her entire childhood between Lombardy and Tuscany. As a small child she was already a budding artist: having a gift and a taste for observing people, things and places, she drew tirelessly. Then, little by little, her pencil strokes took on volume and she quickly tried her hand at modelling.

Daniela Capaccioli likes to think that emptiness is inhabited and that solitude is only made of discreet and silent presences like so many benevolent shadows. This attraction to guess the invisible in the space that surrounds her leads her to choose scenography as the first step of her artistic training. The art of set design allowing her to make tangible what the emotional eye perceives.

In 1998, after graduating from the Brera School of Fine Arts in Milan, she worked as an assistant set designer for various Italian theatres and participated in the creation and realization of many sets.

In 2000, she decided to move to France and to experiment further with other art forms. She started to work in sculpture, shaping pieces in clay, deepening her knowledge of clay techniques and working with ceramics.

On the occasion of an exhibition entitled "Le corps et l'air" (2002) Daniela Capaccioli, guided by Béatrice Koster, discovered a particular talent and created ‘wire-mesh’ sculptures and it is these sculptures that I am drawing attention to today.

Why not visit her website to see more of her stunning works?

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