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The Eden Project

The Eden project is an educational charity created to build relationships between people and the natural world.

I visited The Eden Project in Cornwall for the second time recently (a sterile china clay pit transformed to outstanding biomes and gardens)

The Eden Project has one of the largest living displays of ethnobotanical plants in the world. There are two main biomes the Rainforest Biome and the Mediterranean Biome. The Biome's temperatures are controlled automatically. The main heating source is the sun; the back walls act as heat banks, releasing heat at night. Triple glazed window provide insulation, while air handling units cool on hot days and heat on cool ones.

The Eden Project is now developing new projects nationally and internationally. Some are visitor attractions - others are 'wild sites' that prioritise the natural eco system, supporting ecological rehabilitation and local livelihoods:

Eden Project Qingdao, China

Eden Project North, Morecambe

Eden Project , Costa Rica

Eden Project, Foyle, Northern Ireland

Eden project, Dundee Scotland

Eden Project Anglesea, Victoria

Eden Project Aotearoa, Christchurch, New Zealand

Lake Chad, Chad

Terra, the Sustainability Pavillion, Expo 202 Dubao, UAE

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