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‘Perfect ‘ by Fairground Attraction

My choice for the letter P is the 1988 hit ‘Perfect' by Fairground Attraction which is from the group's multi-platinum selling debut album, The First of a Million Kisses.

Fairground Attraction were a London based folk and soft rock band  that won two Brit awards in 1989 but unfortunately split the following year. The lead vocalist  Eddi Reader  subsequently launched a solo career. “Perfect” was written and composed by the group’s guitarist Mark E. Nevin.

As per normal it is the words that attracted me to the song and 1988/9 were special years for me.

“ Life is too short to play silly games

I have promised myself I won't do that again

It is got to be perfect

It is got to be worth it, Yeah

Too many people take second best

Well I won't take anything less

It is got to be….Yeah


Perfect (YouTube link)

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