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N is for Never Alone by Lady Antebellum

Lady A (formerly known as Lady Antebellum) is an American country music group formed in Nashville, Tennessee in 2006 . In June 2020 the group changed their name to Lady A because Antebellum has connotations with the slavery era. (The word is used to refer to the period and architecture in the US South before the Civil War.)

The particular song I like is Never Alone. As well as the chorus, there are plenty of lovely lyrics throughout and the harmonies are great

“May you always have plenty

Your glass never empty

And know in your belly

You're never alone...

May your tears come from laughing

You find friends worth having

With every year passing they mean more than gold...

May you win but stay humble

Smile more than grumble

And know when you stumble

You're never alone...

So when hard times have found you

And your fear surround you

Wrap my love around you

You're never alone…”

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