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Mr Doodle Lives in his art

U.K. artist Sam Cox, known professionally as Mr Doodle, has made his childhood dream a reality after spending the last two years (2020 – 2022) covering every inch of his 12 bedroom £1.35 million house in Tenterden, Kent in doodles.

The entire project took about 238 gallons of white paint, "401 cans of black spray paint (for the outside), 286 bottles of black drawing paint (for the inside) and 2,296 pen nibs"

Everything from his ceilings and walls to his toilet and toaster, even his kitchen whitegoods are definitely no longer white alone. but instead are covered in his signature monochrome, hand-drawn, one-of-a-kind work. He shares his house with wife Alena, a fellow artist, who frequently colours in his works.

"The completion of the house is just the beginning of my childhood dream to doodle the entire planet and to encourage the art world to recognise doodles as an art form,"

Mr Doodle has even covered his Tesla in doodles!

Why not view this amazing animation on YouTube from Mr Doodle himself to see how it all unfolded or pop over to his Facebook Page Mr Doodle

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