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Kindred Spirits: Weaving, Creating, Beading, Connecting A TED Talk by Lubna Saif Abbas Dehrab

This inspiring talk looks at the importance of creativity in our lives generally too and the need to reflect on the way consumerism and commercialism is destroying our societies and connections but how true craftmanship can enhance communities and empower people.

Lubna Saif Abbas is a well known local artisan, beader and caretaker of the Yadawi studio and artisan collective in Kuwait. She established the artisanal collective Yadawi in 2007, and it is one of a few in the region. Lubna speaks about the origins of her passion for artisanal work and the importance of building a society of people who are vibrant, active and creative.

Kuwait, once renowned in the Gulf and the world for its handcrafted ships and artisanal products has long forsaken the handmade for the branded. Lubna argues that Kuwait needs to build a society of people who are vibrant and active and have the sensibility to not only consume but to be aware of their consumption and also be able to create.

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