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Jeanne K Simmons ‘Eco artist’

This week’s we look at Jeanne K Simmons American ‘Eco artist’, mother, and lover of the natural world.

Ecological art or “Eco Art” is a contemporary form of environmental art. Jeanne Simmons is one of these artists working around the globe to make a statement that they hope will strike the consciousnesses of us all. 

“My goal is to express, as beautifully and as compellingly as I can, the contents of my inner world and imagination, as well as my preoccupation with the relationship between humans and nature. With my work, I attempt to describe a connectedness between us and our environment that seems to have been all but forsaken. I hope to nurture this dynamic relationship, which is our birthright and obligation, and to perhaps even rekindle and reawaken a yearning for it in others, as well as satisfy my own need to embed myself in nature.”

If you like this art why not follow her on Instagram, Facebook or look at her website


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