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H is for “Hero” – Mariah Carey

The song “Hero” reminds us why we don’t have to be afraid. Whenever we feel fearful or lost if we look deep inside ourselves we will find the strength to do what we want or the answers that we need.  We don’t need any other heroes; there is always a hero immediately available in our life and that hero is yourself; it has always has been in you and it always will be.

There's a hero, if you look inside your heart

You don't have to be afraid, of what you are

There's an answer if you reach into your soul

And the sorrow that you know will melt away

And then a hero comes along with the strength to carry on

And you cast your fears aside and you know you can survive

So when you feel like hope is gone look inside you and be strong

And you'll finally see the truth that a hero lies in you

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