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Fractals - A Guest post by Tony B

We all recognise squares triangles and circles but usually within our own manufactured world. Often nature appears to use a different group of shapes that on the surface seem to have little or no logic. This is the world of Fractals.

The maths behind fractals was first described by Benoit Mandelbrot in his book ‘The Mathematics of Nature’ in 1982

We all recognise the similarity between a floret of broccoli and the crown of an oak tree, but why is this?

Those who wish to learn more can use this link

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Sara Blythin
Sara Blythin
Jul 05, 2022

“A Fractal is a like a mathematical shape that is infinitely complex. In simple terms, it is a pattern that repeats forever. Every part of it, regardless of how it’s zoomed, in or out its parts look similar to the whole.”

Ujjwal Arora

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