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F is for Fame

The film ‘Fame’ had a powerful impact on me as a child, not only for all the emotional interactions and situations between the various characters but also the powerful and meaningful lyrics within the various songs and the emotion-evoking combination with the actual music itself. It inspired me to do hours of practice on the various musical instruments I was learning and drove me to continue ballet and other forms of dance until my late teenage years.

Fame soundtracks

I still believe in all of my dreams, and all that I can be

I’ll learn from mistakes, do all that it takes to make it eventually

coz I still believe in me

We Have Arrived, At A Moment In Our Lives

When The Future Passes Into Our Hands

We Can Find Out Are We Really Strong Enough

To Fulfill What The Future Demands

We Can Stand On The Edge And Look Out Into Space

And Be Awed By The Wonders We See

We Can All Make A Pledge That The Whole Human Race

Will Become What We Want It To Be

Bring On Tomorrow, Let It Shine

Like The Sun Coming Up On A Beautiful Day

It's Yours And Mine, We Can Make A Difference

It's Not Too Late

Bring On Tomorrow, We Can't Wait”

Sometimes I wonder where I've been, who I am, do I fit it in

I sing the body electric

I glory in the glow of rebirth

Creating my own tomorrow

When I shall embody the earth

I celebrate the me yet to come

I toast to my own reunion (my own reunion)

When I become one with the stars

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