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Earthing or grounding - suggested talks

The REAL Reason Grounding Works (Laura Koniver, MD...The Intuition Physician)

Dr. Laura Koniver explains exactly why grounding is so healing to the human body and exactly how to do it, along with advice on how long to ground for and tons more grounding resources

The vast majority of doctor visits today are for stress related illnesses. The overwhelming benefits of grounding technology are shedding new light on the causes of bodily stress. In this video you'll discover the answer to what earthing is and how you can use this technology to radically change your health.

Highlight from episode 340 of The Minimalists Private Podcast: featuring @Earthing expert Clint Ober.

"Why are you barefoot?" "Where are your shoes?" These are two of the most common questions that I hear as people look at me with a curious look on their face. There was a time when I wore shoes. I had all kinds, too: hiking shoes, winter boots, business shoes, running shoes, flip flops, slip-ons, slippers, Velcro shoes, skateboard shoes, water shoes, athletic sandals… and the list could go on. I probably owned around a dozen pairs at any one point in my early adulthood. But as I grew a bit older I decided to break free of my preconceived notions of what was possible. I wanted to push the boundaries of my body. And ultimately, I wanted to live simply, free of many of the modern luxuries and conveniences that so many of us consider necessities. I had an idea that our feet could function just fine without shoes. I had an idea that our bodies had evolved over hundreds of thousands of years WITHOUT shoes on our feet and that today, our feet could probably still do just as well without them. In fact, I had an inkling that my feet might even be better off without shoes. Well, it's been about a decade since I embarked on my barefoot journey and today I'm going to talk you about my barefoot life - why I'm barefoot, the benefits I've received from going barefoot and what you might get out of a little barefoot walking too. Read the story of my barefoot life and the benefits I gain from being barefoot:

Shoespiracy (Extended cut)

Shoespiracy is shedding light on a ‘shoe-shaped’ public health scandal. This feet-first short documentary, made in collaboration with Fable Films, is set to challenge you to think differently about your shoes, the negative effects your footwear is having on your feet, the way you move and ultimately your health.

Shoespiracy, was made with the some of the biggest brains connected to feet and barefoot science today, including professors, doctors, bio-mechanists, movement experts, opinion formers and cobblers.

If you want to watch further talks on this subject here is a useful link:

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