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Dan Millman at TEDxBerkeley

This talk brings together lots of different aspects of recent posts and gives a taste of the film 'The Way of the Peaceful Warrior'.

Dan Millman, was a talented gymnast. He initially looked into how talent could be developed in other gymnasts and then widened search to the question “ How can we as human beings develop a talent for living, for the actual changes of everyday life?”

Everyone has a story and has gone through the various vicissitudes of life. Depending on how we respond to difficulties we can find silver linings. Dan Millman has developed an approach to living called ‘The Peaceful Warrior’s Way’. It is about striving to live with a more peaceful heart but with the strength of a warrior spirit. It is about having a sense of balance: living with our head in the clouds but our feet on the ground. We need to incorporate both external and internal change into our lives. We can work to help others but we need to work on ourselves too.

The most important question is “What will you do now in response to the current circumstances?”

We have to look at what we do or don’t have control over. We can’t control our thoughts, emotions etc but we can control our responses and chose our actions. NB Importance of incremental consistent changes

Dream big but start small then connect the dots

NB Importance of doing one thing at a time.

Here and now. Breathe and relax

Life comes at us in waves of change. We cannot predict or control those waves, but we can become better surfers.... We need to learn to surf the waves of change, here and now, each moment. We can always handle this moment and the qualities of our moments become the qualities of our lives.”

Here is a link to the film of the book

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