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Computer Art

As computer technology continues to develop and expand, the rate at which old computers and peripherals are discarded. Once discarded these items will find themselves in landfills and since they’re made from toxic materials, they will be a risk to underground water sources. The plastic that these devices use take thousands of years to decompose, during which time they continually impoverish the quality of the environment. Fortunately artists are now finding ways to recycle all this e-waste into attractive, novel or productive items. A growing number of artists now use computer parts and electronic equipment to design creative and unique sculptures giving new existence to old and outdated pieces and rendering them once again meaningful and alive.

Artists include Ann Smith who specialises in cyber toy animals

Junk-metal artist Gabriel Dishaw created the trainers in the image below

Another favourite are the computer bugs by Julie Alice Chappell

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Dec 16, 2020

Love the art Sara, particularly the boots as they seem to be made with old circuit boards, the bug's however are using some old parts but also new parts which is shame. I have long wanted to see more laws to make electronic companies provide spare parts and make their equipment more repairable and upgradeable and at last I think people are beginning to realise what damage this tech is doing to the planet! Please everyone, don't dump... Upgrade!

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