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'Xtraordinary - Suggested Talks

Tanya Chapman

Tanya Chapman discusses how to make all aspects of life shine, not just the great ones and encourages us to live a life of excellence and encourage others to see the full potential in their lives.

What's Up With Y.O.U.? | The Art of Being ExtraOrdinary | Lorelei Tang | TEDxYouth@SantiagoHS

In the midst of an ever-expanding world full of seemingly impossible technological inventions, hot-topic celebrities, and fantastic feats of accomplishments that are beyond extraordinary, sometimes we can't help but feel as if our own, individual lives are just extra - ordinary. But surely, that's not the case. Right? Surrounding each and every one of us is a network of connections and interactions between every little thing in life that makes up who we are, what we do, how we live. It's Y.O.U. - Your. Own. Universe. Join Lorelei as she explores this original concept and delves into her Three Key Stages involved in refining the art of turning Y.O.U. into something extraordinary: Identify. Diversify. Glorify

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