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Wood and stained glass sculptor Louise V Durham “LoVeD Glasswork”

Based in Shoreham-by-Sea, England. Louise V Durham “LoVeD Glasswork” creates stunning sculptures by Inserting Stained Glasses into groyne (Sea Defense) timbers and makes reclaimed hardwood sculptures for gardens and windowsills.

“My work will always return to the rainbow - the aspect of Light that reveals the spectrum of diversity within the unified energy that underpins all Life. In the same way, our shared humanity unifies the beautiful, rich variety of our diverse cultures and beliefs.”

When the light hits the sculpture, it creates a prism-like effect and disperses colours around its environment when the sun’s light passes through the glass pieces, and it looks magical when someone sees it for the first time.

Follow her on Facebook or browse through her website to see more of these stunning pieces


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