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Willow sculptures and more

Anna Turnbull is a fibre artist who draws her inspiration from the north Northumberland landscape, where she lives and works.

After graduating in London with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art in 1988, Anna Turnbull returned home to Northumberland to work as a photographic artist and silversmith. In 1994 she trained to teach whilst continuing on her own creative journey feeling connected to her rural surroundings, referencing the wildlife , organic forms, rich colours and textures of nature in her work.

in 2005 she started experimenting with the many processes in the making of felt and fell in love with its versatility, being able to paint with a varied palette of dyed wools, create something delicate and ephemeral using fine wools and silks, or use more sculptural techniques to form vessels.

In 2008 Turnbull was introduced to the many varieties of coloured willows grown locally for basketry and the traditional techniques used to work with them. Excited about this medium, she started using these to create vessels and sculptural forms even sustainably growing her own willow, which is naturally-coloured. 

Her life-like willow sculptures start with drawings, observations of movement, shapes, forms, the flow of muscles, directions, lines and tension.  She uses traditional basketry techniques for her willow vessels and experiments with shape and form for her felt creations.

In 2011 she set up Biteabout Arts with the intention of creating unique items for sale and delivering a variety of art and craft workshops.

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