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Waking The Tiger self - Michael Meade

Michael Meade Mosaic Voices – Episode 228 Waking The Tiger self

Ideas of awakening involve of being on the verge of being shattered. Genuine knowledge breaks the shell of what existed before” Michael Meade

Michael Meade tells an ancient story from India in which a tiger cub is born at a tragic time and becomes abandoned at birth, only to be raised by goats. The young tiger comes to act like a goat and believe it is a goat, until a life-shattering, self-revealing event uncovers its true, inner nature.

We all live in hard times now when tragic events seem about to shatter everything we believe or think we know about ourselves and the world around us. Meade uses the old teaching tale to show how the hidden continuity of stories can relate the animal realm with human experiences and connect ancient wisdom with current events.

When everything seems to be on the edge of destruction we can also be on the verge of great awakenings and life-changing revelations about our own inner nature and ways of contributing to the ongoing pulse of life.

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