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U is for Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is a beautiful thing, as long as we don’t use it against ourselves. I can love all of humanity, but that doesn’t mean that I will put up with all of humanity. The boundary, for me, is set at healthy self-regard. When my unconditional love for another undermines my self-respect, the fence goes up.

Not because I don’t believe in their possibilities, but because I have come to realize that there is no value in sacrificing my actuality for their potentiality. I make a distinction between human potential — which may well be infinite; and human actuality — which is often quite finite, particularly in those who choose, over decades, to remain asleep.

Yes, they may well awaken, but we should never postpone any part of our own life waiting for that to happen. We should never hold back our own potential. Unconditional love begins at home, with the protecting and honouring of our own unique journey”. Jeff Brown

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