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Toshiko MacAdam Textile artist

Toshiko MacAdam attended the Tama Fine Art Institute in Japan and then went on to study in Michigan, where she received her masters of fine arts degree. After graduating, MacAdam worked for Boris Kroll Fabrics, an acclaimed textile design company in New York City, before going on to teach at universities across the United States and Japan.

Using a Japanese material called Vinylon, she incorporates knitting, crochet and knot making into her large-scale, organic installations and is best known for her work with large-scale textile structures, especially "textile playgrounds" for children, brightly coloured net-like structures of crocheted and knotted nylon.

In 1990, with her husband, Charles MacAdam, they established their own business and their vibrant play spaces can be found throughout the world e.g. New Zealand, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore and Spain.

Use the two video links to see more of her beautiful coloured work

The Making Of Toshi's Nets - By Toshiko MacAdam

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