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Thomas Medicus - glass artist

Thomas Medicus is a glass artist from Innsbruck, Austria. He creates elaborate anamorphic sculptures that reveal multiple images at different angles. They can be made up of over 100 hand-painted glass strips. The sculptures can sometimes take up to a year to create.

An example is EMULSIFIER

The ’Emulsifier’ is a hand painted anamorphic sculpture made out of 160 glass strips. When the piece is rotated four hidden images appear every 90° angle. The glass strips are stuck into a wooden base with laser cut slits. The images were painted with the same colours used for traditional stained glass windows. All fragments of the images were painted separately on the strips. The piece is about 35x35x35cm in size. (2014)

To see more of this artist, how he works etc visit his website or Facebook Page


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