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The Teabag art of Ruby Silvious

Ruby Silvious is originally from the Philippines and she was educated in the U.S. and Asia. Her sense of fashion came from her maternal grandmother who was a seamstress. Ruby moved to New York State in the late 1970s, and worked at Bergdorf Goodman in New York, where she regularly volunteered to dress models for fashion shows. She currently lives and works in New York’s Hudson Valley.

On January 3rd 2015, while working full-time in a marketing agency as a visual artist and graphic designer, she decided to take on the challenge of creating one piece of art a day, using a dried and emptied tea bag as her canvas. She posted her creations on social media every day to keep her motivated and track her progress. The quirky, quest to record her thoughts and feelings like a daily journal but with illustrations lasted 363 days and was entitled  363 Days of Tea.

In 2016, she repeated this experience with the project 52 Weeks of Tea and in the same year, the series 26 Days of Tea in Japan in which she used ink, watercolour, gouache and cut origami paper during an artist residency in Japan

In 2017, Ruby Silvious chronicled her recent stay in France with the series 26 Days of Tea in France. She presents paintings and miniatures of gardens and French cuisine

In 2018 Ruby Silvious produced the Teabag aquarium collection and 9 Days of Tea in Spain

when she attended an Art Print Residency in Arenys de Munt, a municipality in Catalonia, Spain in September.

You can see these various designs in their glory by visiting her website. I will certainly not look at a teabag the same way again!

You can also follow her on Facebook too (link to her page)

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