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The sculpture of movement in pause mode of Daniel Firman

Whilst reflecting on the subject of attitude, I stumbled across French contemporary artist Daniel Firman (born in 1966 in Bron, France) who has created a series of sculptures on theme of Attitude.

Firman studied at the Fine Arts of Saint-Etienne and Angoulême, where he took a close interest in conventional sculpture. From 1998, he turned to a unique formal language taking a particular interest in the question of bodies and their balance. Constantly exploring the territory of sculpture, Daniel Firman stages anonymous characters and everyday elements in precariously balanced situations . He currently lives and works in Paris.

In 2004, Daniel Firman had an exhibition entitled « Danse-le en déflexion », in which Carla, movement #1 was featured. The moulding of Carla is the movement, stopped in mid-stream, of someone trying to lean comfortably against a wall but caught in a position that appears hopeless. Attention to what dancers call « contact-improvisation » was the starting point for the Attitude series.

The Attitude sculpture describes a frozen movement as someone comes out of a pose similar to a single, ordinary gesture. The series hangs together in time through a sequence of frozen movements, but also through the immediacy and the contemporaneity with which it reflects the period, as would be the case, in real time, for a fashion magazine.

Why not visit Daniel Firman's website (direct link) to see the complete "Attitude'" series


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