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The Power of Patience: How This Old-Fashioned Virtue Can Improve Your Life M J Ryan Book suggestion

It has become the norm of our fast-paced world to expect everything to happen instantaneously, and for us to become instantly aggravated when it doesn’t. The result is that we can feel frantic and rushed, stressed and unhappy nearly all the time. In The Power of Patience, M. J. Ryan teaches us how to slow the rush and reclaim the forgotten virtue of patience on a daily basis. When we do so it will help us to:

Make better decisions

Feel better about yourself each and every day

Create excellence

Get more of what you want

Connect to hope

Live longer and with less stress

Waste less time, energy, and money

Create happier love relationships

Become a better parent

Grow in tolerance and empathy

The Power of Patience calls on us to reclaim our time, our priorities, and our ability to respond to life with a firmly grounded sense of who we are. When we do so it allows us to make better decisions and to feel better about ourselves every day. It is the best gift, we soon learn, that we can give ourselves.

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