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The Midnight Library by Matt Haig - Book suggestion

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig - A guest post by Joy

Ever wondered what your life would be like 'if'… did things differently. If you'd went to the university, if you hadn't gone to the university, or if you had majored in a different field than you actually did or if you had married your high school sweet heart instead of not being married at all or being married to some one else?

What would happen if you hated the life you were actually in and decided to end it all, but, at the very moment you were between life and death you were given the chance to try out each one of those “What ifs?” for a day, a couple of hours or longer? Would you choose differently? What would be your regrets? What if, in the time between life and death, you could experience what your life could be like if you could change those regrets?

Well, Matt Haig does a wonderful job of taking his main character, Nora Seed and allowing her to take that journey and decide whether, she wants to stay in one of those lives, continue in the one she is in or just let her suicide be a success.

As some one who has recently been in an unsuccessful suicide attempt, this book was of great help to me. It allowed me to see things more clearly and appreciate what I have.

I thank my friend who gave this book to me.

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