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The importance of Flexibility - Suggested Talks

Three very different talks on flexibility

Flexibility Trumps Fixity - Rupert Tobin

Walls don't work! Learning from history we get the best when we are open to change

Walls can’t help us face a future that we don’t understand; our best defence is an open mindset not fixed ideas of defence or boundaries, to be skilled up, be generous and flexible

Flexibility in a world that is constantly changing - Adnane Addioui

Adnane Addioui is a social activist in the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Morocco and his talk focuses on how people should be in order to be able to adapt to a constantly changing world.

Flexible Journey: How Embracing Growth Changed My Life - Ryan Rouillard

Ryan Rouillard speaks on the value of change and how embracing it opened up new pathways in his life.

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