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The Headspace Guide To Meditation and Mindfulness by Andy Puddicombe Book Suggestion

If you're thinking about trying mindfulness, this book is a simple introduction.

Andy Puddicombe explains the benefits of meditation


It improves your awareness of feelings and how you process them,

helps you keep thoughts from spiralling out of control,

and helps you get to a calm and relaxed state.

Plus regular meditation will reduce stress and enhance your quality of life

Meditation lowers blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, consumption of oxygen, and boosts the immune system.

It will also help improve our relationships with others because when you create more inner space to be aware of your thoughts and feelings, you become more mindful of others’ thoughts and feelings too.

He offers practical advice


Set reasonable expectations for your meditation practice - start small

Example: For ten minutes, bring your focus onto your body from head to toe.

Calmly pull your focus back when you notice your mind being swept into other thoughts.

Meditate actively or passively at whatever point in the day works best for you

and reminds us that the key to long-lasting contentment isn’t suppressing negative emotions, but allowing yourself to feel the emotion and let it dissipate on its own and we can use mindfulness through meditation to impact other parts of our lives

Example: Patients have overcome insomnia by meditating as they prepare for sleep.

There is also an app of the same name (Headspace)

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