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The Curious Mind with Nigel Latta

The Curious Mind with Nigel Latta

If you have not yet come across the video streaming site “Curiosity Stream” then I urge you to investigate. In today's world of reality TV shows “Curiosity Stream” provides a powerful antidote and focuses the viewer on actual realities be either historical or modern day.

Among the many interesting documentaries I have stumbled across is 'The Curious Mind' with Nigel Latta, a psychologist from New Zealand.

The series of four episode describes the latest neurological research and Nigel Latta hosts the viewer on a journey from an introduction to your brain in episode one, to what our world presents, to what is in effect in evolutionary terms the same brain that stone age man used to cope in his world thousands of years ago.

I can readily recommend this series to anybody with an interest in education, parenting, science and general wellbeing.

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