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The butterfly dresses of Bibian Blue

Bibian Blue (Bibiana C Berenguer) is a talented fashion designer from Barcelona who comes from a lineage of creative jewel crafts makers and antiques restorers. She specialises in innovative, avant-garde dresses and corsetry. Her designs combine art and intuition, dream symbolism and inspiration using unconventional materials ( e.g. laces, embroidery, feathers combined with silks , leathers and vinyls). Her patterns are drawn from European art history and the pre-Moderno

Bibian Blue has become world-famous for her originality of her dresses and corsets and particularly the ones that use the beauty of butterflies to inspire her and which mimic the colourful and patterned wings of various species of butterflies.

For more info or to see her other stunning designs, why not visit her website or her Facebook page

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