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The Brain vitality index (BVI) with Selena Bartlett 

We use a body mass index (BMI) to measure our body's fitness but why don't we use a brain vitality index (BVI) to measure the health of our brain? Neuroscientist Professor Selena Bartlett examines how we can prevent brain ageing and teach our brain positive lessons. Selena Bartlett is passionate about the brain and helping people rewire their brains to unlock habits learnt over a lifetime that are holding them back from reaching their potential.

Listen to the TED Talk here:

Aide memoire from the talk:

Brain vitality index (BVI) Selena Bartlett 

I am feeling...

1. Lifeless, empty, that nothing matters

2. sad, lonely, grief, scared, rejected

3. angry, furious, in pain, hurt

4. stressed out, worried, fearful, anxious, nervous

5. stuck in a rut, sick of my life, run down, burnt out

6. happy, cheerful, active, contented, can’t complain

7. loved, supported, strong, grateful, inspired

8. great, passionate, enthusiastic, excited

9. fulfilled, forgiving, joyful, compassionate,

10. loving a vital life, full of meaning and purpose, giving to others for future generations

NB If you have greater purpose in life it increases your vitality and it improves you brain resistance to deterioration.

Why not visit her website for more info

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