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The Awe of a storm

There is something about the anticipatory energy of a storm that brings about a gamut of sensations and emotions depending on your circumstances.

Nature is awe inspiring in all its forms

electric dance

joints crackling limbs flailing into angular attitudes, lightning dances across the sky. herky jerky kinda twerky it burns with heedless joy behind a clapping curtain of rain.

(Silence is

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Jun 20, 2021

Wow great photos. The change of temperature, stillness in the air as you wait in anticipation for the drama of a thunderstorm can create all sorts of emotions. There is something magical about watching a thunderstorm from your window and waiting for the next strike. I can understand how it can affect your mood, especially if you are afraid. I still have memories of my stepnan rushing around covering mirrors and shiny cutlery.

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