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Tea art

Whilst exploring the art of decorating tea bags with Ruby Silvious , I came across another artist, Dara Gold, who also uses tea to create art though in a different way.

Dara Gold is an artist and illustrator from Toronto Canada who works in cartoons and video games by day and at night she draws and paints and creates artwork that is almost entirely made out of tea stains.

Instead of just using brown tea, Dara infuses fruit teas into her work, adding all sorts of colours to make vibrantly beautiful pictures. Her tea creations are fun and playful, as they are usually pictures of cartoon characters but she also has an interest in the macabre be it aliens exploring space and science or monsters dreamed up by children.

To add texture to the art, she uses ink to highlight certain aspects of each picture and to further enhance the pieces.

To explore some of her work take a look at her website link or why not check out her Facebook page photos

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