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Talks on the theme of Belonging

Author and journalist Caroline Clarke explores our fundamental need for belonging and how critical it is not only to every individual's fulfilment and success but to our collective wellbeing and future. Drawing from her work as Women of Power Chief Brand Officer and her own family's journey with multi-racial adoption, genetic testing, and reunion, she illuminates the barriers to belonging and what it takes to overcome them. It's not enough to value diversity and inclusion, Clarke insists. Companies, communities, even families must cultivate a culture of genuine belonging in order to reach their fullest potential and truly thrive.

Ava Prendergast aged 18 is from County Laoise in Ireland and is a member of a youth program called Comhairle na nOg. In her talk Ava speaks about finding her tribe, her place of belonging and how she believes, as human beings, this is what we need most of all.

We think it's natural to feel a sense of belonging, but we don't realize that everything in life has to be learned. Belonging is an ability in which we must grow and adapt to others whilst simultaneously not forgetting who you are as an individual

Stanford psychologist Gregory Walton explains how a relatively small psychological intervention can help improve student achievement and workplace environments.

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