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Talks about saying no

Learning to say NO is the only tool you will ever need to live the life you have always wanted. Heidi Alamikkelä used to be a people pleaser, the kind of person who always said YES in every situation, had no boundaries and lived her life in the shadow of fear, guilt and shame. Now she is a successful entrepreneur, coach and author, and wants to tell you her secret to getting more power and energy. In her speech, Heidi will explain the importance of saying NO and how it enables you to take back control and so take action towards achieving your dream life.

The Art of Saying No: Kenny Nguyen at TEDxLSU

Noted entrepreneur and presentation expert Kenny Nguyen passionately speaks about the power inherent in saying "no." The CEO of Big Fish Presentations, Kenny speaks about how "no" has affected him personally and professionally, but more importantly, how it can prepare one for the perfect time to say yes.

It's about utilizing the power of the word no in terms of the short term to grow because it's not only important to know how to say no but to understand when and why to say no to pave the way for future opportunities in the long term

"No is a protective shield which compliments the swords of yes"

Dare to say "No" William Clark

From trying to reject food offered by our grandmothers when we're too full, to acquiescing to others out of fear of confrontation, we are all familiar with the discomfort involved in saying “no” to others. Over time, our brains have evolved to respond much more negatively to saying and receiving “no.” Freshman William Clark will discuss the psychological processes that can make saying “no” so difficult, encouraging audience members to then affirm the liberating value that this simple word can possess. He hopes to provide a challenge for the audience to stand up for and empower themselves by becoming more comfortable with saying “no".

How We Say No Matters | Liz Marasco | TEDxBoulder

Scholars in conversation analysis have known for a long time that we try to avoid using the word 'no'. We rely on a number of other linguistic resources to 'say no' in order to save face. So why is this word necessary in one very specific, high-stakes situation? Liz Marasco has Master of Arts in Linguistics from CU Boulder where she specialized in conversation analysis. She believes opportunity and vulnerability exist in every interaction.

Say No To Say Yes: Dr. Caryn Aviv at TEDxCrestmoorParkWomen

In this TEDx Talk Dr. Caryn Aviv talks about the reasons why it's ok, and in fact better for us, to be able to say NO and how saying no can be saying Yes to what you need and want.

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