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Suggested Talks re Compassion

Want a happier life? Be more compassionate! This is the title of the TEDTalk by Stephen Trzeciak

Stephen Trzeciakwas at the top of his game as a research scientist until an unexpected question from his 12-year-old son transformed his life's work. "What is the most pressing problem of our we really know? And what would happen if we actually did?" In this talk, Trzeciak discusses how we can integrate his "compassionomics" methodology into our everyday lives to increase happiness and fulfillment.

Daniel Goleman, author of “Emotional Intelligence” asks Why we aren’t more compassion more of the time?

Both these talks draw the same conclusion that to achieve the most personal happiness and sense of wellbeing then we need to shift our focus from ourselves to others.

We are often encouraged to e.g. "find your passion" "chase your dream" "pursue your happiness" etc etc but science says this won't bring us the most satisfaction because it is all about you and serving yourself rather than serving others.

The most potent activator of brain circuits involved in the experience of human happiness is compassion to others so we should find the greatest need that you possibly can then go and fill that need and dedicate the rest of your life to it in service to others if we truly want to feel happy, healthy, improve our sense of inner calm and self worth.

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