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Spotlight on contemporary French artist Rémy Demestre

Rémy Demestre was born in Jonzac in Charente Maritime in 1990. He is a contemporary painter inspired by geometry in order to find a certain psychological balance, his works have been described as reminiscent of V. Kandinsky or J. Miró.

Rémy defines his universe between abstraction and geometric figuration. Based on the principle that everything is possible with geometry, his refined works with simple and sometimes complex forms give off a positive and colourful energy.

A rich universe and a palette in constant evolution with the aim of finding new vibrations.

His compositions composed of geometric shapes with triangles, rounds and squares allow him to go directly to the essential in the construction of his works. Then, ellipses, quadrilaterals and other shapes from his imagination are sometimes added.

The elements are connected by lines and curves while some forms are free and wander on the support. The connected elements represent what surrounds us in everyday life without any particular identification. From there, we can define that the free forms wander in an abstract world. And this is how the artist refers to himself in his works.

Rémy finds in painting and creation in general, this freedom that he represents from his forms in his compositions. The harmony of the colours is done naturally according to the feeling of the moment. From one day to the next, the choice of colours can vary and becomes a headache, especially when creating complex compositions.

Although the final visual of his works have a very decorative side by their compositions and their colours, the construction and the elaboration of his works have a very psychological report for the artist.

Rémy does not lack humour and he also likes to re-transcribe it in some of his works in a subtle way.

Self-taught as he is, he does not conform and does not impose any restrictions on his works. It is not uncommon to find a "Punk" side in Demestre's works.

We can say that the works of the artist do not only represent geometric forms but a whole state of mind that he re-transcribes using geometric forms.” Rémy Demestre.

Work: "Incandescence

2022. Acrylic on canvas. 92x73 cm

To see more of the artist’s work visit his website or follow him on Facebook


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