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Sleep documentaries

Following last week’s Random Thoughts & Scribbles on Sleep I watched a 5- part documentary on Curiosity Stream entitled 'A good night's sleep' Dr Michael Smith

Dr. Michael Smith, Director of the Behavioural Sleep Medicine Program at John Hopkins University, explores the causes for sleep problems in today's hectic society from sleep apnea to insufficient sleep, - and discusses the essential role that rest plays on our well-being.

In the second episode the focus is on 'What happens to the brain at night when we fall asleep?' and we learn about the stages of REM and NON/REM sleep and the processes that take place at each stage during the night. The third episode looks at the impact of sleep deprivation, Episode 4 is about preventing insomnia and Episode 5 looks at how can sleep disorders be treated - comparing drugs versus therapy

I would thoroughly recommend Curiosity Stream as a source of many fascinating and informative documentaries and programmes (Currently 15 USD per year)


I am sure that this series is available via other providers too and have just discovered further episodes via Share

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