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Sit Up and Pay Attention - Deborah Hendricks Suggested TED Talk

Have ever been told to sit up and pay attention? Did the person who told you to pay attention ever show you how you increase this vital skill? In her insightful talk on mindfulness, Deb Hendricks will provide key information about how you can be healthier and happier one mindful moment at a time.

According to research if we can increase our attention we can boost our immune system and lower our stress. Mindfulness is a way that we can strengthen this muscle

Mindfulness can be defined as being fully aware and awake in the present moment experience. Specific exercises can strengthen one’s ability to pay attention and focus.

Our level of attention and happiness are connected. Being present increases our ability to enjoy sunsets, walks in nature, and conversations with friends. Many individuals struggle with high stress, low self-esteem, and the inability to pay attention. Practising mindfulness can bring understanding and awareness to the underlying causes that fuel many of our struggles.

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Sit Up and Pay Attention - Deborah Hendricks TED Talk

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