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Reflections on Ageing and Ageism by Carl Honoré

Today’s talk is by Carl Honoré (ext link) and is entitled 'Reflections on Ageing and Ageism'. The talk outlines some of the main points of his book 'Bolder – making the most of our longer lives'. (internal link)

Studies show that worshipping youth and denigrating aging makes you age less well and you’re more likely to suffer cognitive and physical decline, you’re more likely to develop dementia and die younger so holding toxic ageist views, and using language that reinforces this view of growing older can be described as the ultimate act of self-harm.

Carl Honoré suggests that the time has come to redefine ageing for the 21st century and it is time to create a whole new narrative around growing older. Our narrative should accept that some things will change that we won’t necessarily like, others will stay the same and on the other side of the equation we will actually see some things improve with age like a good wine.

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