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Q is for The Queen's Gambit

‘The Queen's Gambit’ is about an orphaned female chess prodigy struggling with drug addiction. Her story starts at an orphanage, where she is fed tranquilizers and soon builds an addiction to the drugs, but also unlocks a hidden talent while learning to play chess from the facility's custodian. Over time, she must deal with her addiction while pursuing her dream of becoming a chess grandmaster. A true triumph against all odds series from Netflix

The music is composed by Carlos Rafael Rivera is varied and covers a full gamut of emotions. For quieter reflective piano music choose to listen to Beth’s Story; Training With Mr. Schaibel, Which one is your favourite track?

0:00:00 01-Main Title 0:01:50 02-Beth's Story 0:03:58 03-Methuen Home For Children 1957 0:05:13 04-The Scholar's Mate 0:06:32 05-You're Gloating 0:07:39 06-Training With Mr. Schaibel 0:10:44 07-Am I Good Enough Now? 0:12:03 08-Playing Mr. Ganz 0:13:40 09-Ceiling Games 0:15:58 10-First Day At School 0:17:11 11-The Green Pills 0:18:42 12-Kentucky State Championship 1963 0:19:55 13-Top Boards 0:20:57 14-Playing Townes 0:24:43 15-Playing Beltik 0:27:54 16-The Lake - Cincinnati 0:29:43 17-Playing Benny - Las Vegas 1966 0:34:12 18-Two Sides Of The Same Coin 0:37:00 19-Mexico City Invitational 1966 0:39:22 20-Playing Girev I 0:41:24 21-Playing Girev II 0:43:48 22-Borgov I 0:47:26 23-Beth Alone 0:49:29 24-Ohio US Championship 1967 0:51:10 25-New York 0:52:20 26-Training With Benny 0:54:36 27-Paris Tournament 1967 0:57:03 28-Borgov II 0:59:31 29-Jolene! 1:01:27 30-Returning To Methuen 1:02:38 31-Turning Point 1:04:44 32-USSR 1:05:51 33-Moscow Invitational 1968 1:13:19 34-Close Your Eyes 1:15:51 35-Borgov III 1:19:01 36-The Final Game 1:26:25 37-Take It, It's Yours 1:28:33 38-Sygrayem (Let's Play)

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