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“In the rush to return to normal we need to use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to” – Dave Hollis

Covid-19 has affected, and continues to affect, us all: from us as individuals extending out to the wider world, but as well as the suffering we have been given an unusual opportunity to take stock and see the reality of our lives pre-Corona and where there needs to be change.

Our current crisis can also be seen as a gift to rest, reset and prioritise. 'Crisis' originally referred to an important or decisive stage in the progress of anything, to a turning-point or to “a state of affairs in which a decisive change for better or worse is imminent. (The Greek word 'krísis', meaning to separate, encourages us to shed the excess and leave only what matters most. 'Krísis' itself is thought to be derived from the Greek verb 'krínein', meaning 'to decide'.)

Our previous existence wasn’t always a healthy ‘normal’; all too often, greed, inequality, exhaustion, depletion, disconnection were normalised. We have been given a fresh opportunity for hope and to create a world that fits all of humanity and respects nature and the planet we live on.

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