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Nikola Faller - multimedia artist

Nikola Faller- master of sculpture, believes that art can not disappear but just change its shape…like everything else in nature.

Nikola Faller is a multimedia artist born in Osijek. He is a master of sculpture and well-known

for his participation in various land art events and festivals in Slovakia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Germany, Italy, and Turkey. Land art or art in nature is geared towards creating in harmony with nature. Following the rhythm of the seasons, materials specific for that period or season are used to create art in nature, which is therefore generally easily accessible and economical. The works are made under open skies in contact with the earth and the elements and are influenced by a wide variety of weather conditions.

In addition to land art and environmentally conscious sculpture, he is involved in drawing, illustration, and performance. The peculiarity of land art, as a trend in contemporary art, is leaving the galleries and museums so that it develops monumental projects in the open space, which opposes the commercialization of art, adopting and applying ecological principles in its approach.

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