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Meggy Wilm - stained glass artist

Artist Meggy Wilm (aka Colorado Glass Works) creates colourful, whimsical stained glass art inspired by animals, nature and rainbows ranging from mini sun-catchers to fully installable windows

Meggy Wilm started pursuing glass as a hobby during a transitional period of her life, and it developed from there

“I founded Colorado Glass Works in the Fall of 2017 out of my dining room in Denver, Colorado. I was living in a charming, historic home that provided the perfect environment to explore an art medium I’d always been curious about; stained glass. The wide-paneled hardwood floors and romantic architecture of the house fit the era of the artwork I began to study. It was a transitional phase in my life – growing my career, in-between relationships, a sampling new hobbies – when I decided to take a stained glass-making class at the local recreation centre. This single class sparked a joy in me that has grown into nothing short of an absolute passion.”

Why not visit her website or her Facebook page to see more of her stunning works


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